Instant Server Setup

Fully setup your Discord Server's roles, channels, and permissions in one command! With 5 templates and counting, you can pick the perfect template for your community!

Top-Notch Server Management

Manage your discord server easily with commands lock & unlock channels, to add & remove roles, clear role permissions, make roles mentionable, create & delete channels, set channel topics, and a LOT more!

Using these features, you can easily manage Discord's most complicated features on both PC and Mobile!

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Special Features

ChannelBot comes with some amazing features, like Reaction Roles, Suggestion Reaction Channels, Image-Only Channels, and more! Using these features can make your Discord community more professional, and stand out from the crowd!

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ChannelBot allows you to customize its features, from prefixes to responses! To customize even more, like lock and unlock messages, check out our premium plans!

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Trusted by Thousands

ChannelBot is used in thousands of communities to help setup and manage Discord servers more easily!

Check out our guides on how to start or build an even better community!!


Want to get more for your community?

With ChannelBot Premium, you can give your community even more! With advanced features, like permissions syncing and custom lock and unlock messages, you can bring the best out of your server! You can also bypass voting limitations, have unlimited reaction roles, get premium support, and more!